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2 de November de 2022

The Costa del Sol appears to be the quintessential tourist spot, and if there’s anything that has prevented people from enjoying it, it may simply be an excessively common choice.

Even if you visit the Sunshine Coast every year, there is always something new to enjoy – particularly the opportunity to stay in at a luxury villa on the Costa del Sol like Villa Vituco34.

Here are five great reasons to board the plane and book with us for our sumptuous Costa del Sol holiday accommodation.


1. A British home away from home

Generations of British people have felt the need to fly away from the rain and soak up some sun in the Costa del Sol, simply because they don’t feel so comfortable anywhere else.



2. Truly superior beaches

The Costa del Sol is positively festooned with Blue Flag beaches with 161 kilometres of coastline.

From Estepona to Malaga, there are plenty of beaches to choose from.



3. Unrivalled gastronomy

Seafood is especially prominent in the Costa del Sol’s native cuisine, which is influenced by Spanish, Jewish, and Arabic traditions, in addition to Andalucía’s cuisine. Gazpacho, a soup made woth tomatoes, olive oil and vinager and served cold, or a cold cucumber soup are among the choices.

With hundred of restaurants to choose from, you will always find the perfect restaurant to dine out.



4. A gateway to wider Andalucía

A stay at our villa in the Costa del Sol can serve as a gateway to the entire Andalucian region, including its white-washed hillside villages called pueblo blancos and five-star city break destinations like Seville and Granada. It’s all so near.



5. It’s the Sunshine Coast

The Costa del Sol guarantees to provide you with plenty of sunshine no matter what time of year you visit.

Quite simply, the name translates to ‘Sun Coast’ or ‘Coast of the Sun’, and if you go by that promise, you won’t be disappointed.

There are not many locations around the world that offer about 320 days of sunshine each year, and the Costa del Sol is one of the easiest to reach.

It’s another reason to consider our luxury villa in Costa del Sol when deciding on the right one for you.


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