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24 de January de 2023



A key inquiry that must be resolved in the preliminary stages of vacation organizing is if to select the opulent sumptuousness of a hotel or the serene peacefulness of a high-end villa. Let us evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of both and observe how they stack up.



Deciding to rent a luxury villa can often be more cost-effective than selecting a hotel that provides the same quality of lodging/amenities. Furthermore, the bigger the group is, the more economical it becomes in total.

Plus, with a villa vacation, there are normally no undisclosed extra charges unlike a hotel expense which at the close of an active holiday frequently comes along with an assortment of unanticipated extra fees.



Choosing a villa could be the perfect solution for your group. With it, you can decide when to have meals, use the pool, and lower the noise level. You can also choose between eating outside or inside. This kind of freedom is especially attractive when there are children or young adults in your party. By renting a villa, kids can freely play around, laugh out loud and make noise without worrying about disturbing other people.


You can establish your own rules concerning sound levels, bedtimes and when it is permissible to utilize the pool. Splashing around in a pool illuminated by underwater lights after dark is an extraordinary feeling for both grown-ups and children. However, unfortunately, this is not usually something that you are allowed to experience in a hotel swimming pool.


Privacy & Tranquillity

In your own villa, you can be yourself without any external pressures. It will be much easier to achieve the serenity and leisure you seek without having to stake out a spot for the beach towels or continually gather and relocate your kids’ toys throughout the day.



It is delightful to be relieved from the tasks of cooking, washing dishes and serving for a while, which can be an attractive decision for some members of the family/group. However, villas offer more freedom in regards to meal times than most hotels, as well as more food selections. Eating healthier and lighter meals can be easier when you are in your own villa and it’s much simpler to get a mid-afternoon snack or late-night treat for the kids.

Naturally, the task of preparing food and cleaning up can be lessened while on a villa holiday by delegating duties and utilizing external catering services, particularly for any special occasions or functions.




It is certainly true that a lavish hotel could offer you access to good amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, and sauna. On the other hand, if you have a particular set of facilities in mind, then you should be able to find something that fits your needs and those of your party perfectly with the right choice of villa.

Many times, hotel amenities are cramped, ill-equipped, inadequately taken care of, or merely outdated as a result of their extensive daily usage. It should not be overlooked how something as simple as a washing machine can make a villa much more desirable compared to a hotel.

When travelling with children, a washing machine can be extremely beneficial and significantly reduce the amount of clothing you must take. Furthermore, it minimizes the stress associated with any unexpected mess or mishap.

If you have little ones or infants at your gathering, a villa can normally give better amenities. Baby chairs, cots and stair barriers. Take a look at our ‘Baby Comes Too’ package to find out more about this significant service for families.



Internet Access

If you require Wifi for job-related matters, streaming movies to entertain the kids, enabling teens to stay in contact with their peers, or just to look up what’s on offer during your vacation, it’s difficult to deny its significance today.


In the past, it was almost a given that hotels would provide WiFi, but villas were usually not equipped with this feature. However, times have changed- at villa Vituco34 we offer fiber optic with 600 mgb speed. We even offer WIFI on the pool area.



Why should you book a villa instead of hotel room during a family holiday?

Booking a villa instead of a hotel room for a family holiday offers numerous advantages. Villas typically offer more privacy and space than hotel rooms, as well as amenities like private pools, outdoor living areas, and multiple bedrooms.

This makes them ideal for families who may wish to spend time together but also have their own private areas. Villas also tend to be more affordable than booking multiple hotel rooms and they often come with extras like cleaning services, private chefs, and even activities such as day tours.





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