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5 de December de 2022

Choosing a venue for your company retreat in Spain


Locating a suitable venue for corporate retreat in Spain is a fundamental aspect of the planning process, yet it can be a laborious task. It appears that there are numerous matters which must be taken into account when scouring for a venue for your team.


At times, it can be difficult to decide where to begin, especially when you are making arrangements for your initial group journey. ‘How do I choose the correct place? Should it be outfitted with a workspace? What should I consider and not overlook?’ the reply is always the same: ‘Exactly what is the objective of your trip?’


No matter the purpose—whether it’s creating something new, strengthening camaraderie, enhancing corporate atmosphere, encouraging enthusiasm and efficacy, or simply having a nice time—it’s essential to determine the specifics. Here are a few tips to consider when looking for the perfect spot in Spain for your team.



What would be the ideal setting for your team?

At times, groups decide based on a specific time of year; if they plan to go away during summertime, they can opt for a sunny spot. If the retreat is during winter, a mountainous area may fit better. There is no firm regulation though, therefore if your team has decided that their preferred destination for the summer gathering is in the mountains, you have already solved this issue.


It is essential to decide if you desire a lively urban locale or a tranquil countryside setting. Cities are excellent for staying connected – plenty of collaborative work places in close proximity, eateries, pubs, stores or even airports within an accessible distance to the location.


Alternatively, quiet locations (villages, outskirts of the town) can be beneficial if you’re escaping your hectic urban life and clamorous office and looking for somewhere with a more beneficial equilibrium – an undistracted spot that allows colleagues to concentrate & finish tasks productively, yet also have time to destress and revive.


At Villa Vituco34 we offer a combination of both, we offer the tranquility and peace of a quiet residential area but at the same time very near of large cities like Malaga and everything it has to offer like museum, restaurants, shopping etc.



How many people will be part of the retreat?

Before you bring your team together, determine the precise size of it. Make sure to consider the number of individuals on your team and find out if any of them do not wish to partake.

For instance, if you have a group of 20 people, there may be 5 who cannot attend due to personal or familial circumstances. Furthermore, you should anticipate some last minute modifications, annulments, or individuals who come to the decision at the eleventh hour that they would like to join the getaway after all (this takes place very regularly).


Thus, we propose being prepared for such an eventuality and leave some room for unplanned guests – book accommodations for the maximum number of anticipated participants.


Companies generally make arrangements for team retreats and offsites approximately 3-6 months in advance. A considerable amount of changes can take place during a company’s half-year time. It is feasible to downsize and create space for additional personnel, however it may not be possible to book extra spaces or lodgings since these could be all occupied by the moment you leave.


It is wise to consider the highest possible number of people if you don’t know the exact amount. This will assist you in selecting a venue that can accommodate your group with ease.




Sharing rooms or not?

Much relies upon your financial plan, necessities, and inclinations – including room sharing. In the event that you’d like to give your group individuals an opportunity to have a private room, or they are alright with sharing, it’s key to choose this very soon in the arranging cycle. You don’t need to have a finished and last dozing format ready (yet), yet decide the quantity of rooms that will be involved by people and the ones that will be shared (and shared by what number of individuals – 2 or 3 people). At villa Vituco34 we offer 8 rooms, some with double beds and some with queen size beds.


When should you start planning?

The majority of teams ponder this query, as the response to it shapes the entire arrangement. We suggest that you should schedule at least three months in advance. This is primarily because of the accessibility of the spots, so that you won’t have to compromise on your expectations for a venue (if you book at short notice, for example the villa that you adore might be no longer obtainable and you need to search elsewhere).


Questions & Answers

Does the venue have a kitchen and can it provide catering to your event?

When planning an event, one of the most important factors to consider is whether or not the venue has a kitchen and can provide catering. At Villa Vituco34 we offer a large kitchen with a dinning area. We can provide catering service upon request.


Is it easy to get to the venue?

Villa Vituco34 is just 5 mimutes from the main highway and 15 minutes from Malaga airport, it is very easy to find.


Will a cleaning crew make sure the venue is clean before the event and clean up afterwards?

Yes, we have a team available. Depending on your needs we can arrange different cleaning needs.


Did we answer your question? I trust your venue scouting and investigation will become to some degree smoother. On the off chance that you have any queries or would value our assistance for your next group retreat, kindly don’t hesitate to connect with us. We are here to help!




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